Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year's Resolve

Happy New Year!

Being my last post of the year, I figured I would take the time to share some of my Eve New Year's resolutions with you.  And I would like to invite you to help with the direction of Sleepless.

I have several topics I have slated for the year, but I would like to get your take on what I should talk about in Sleepless.  What I'm looking for is questions, comments, or requests for topics in Sleepless.  In that way, I would encourage you to get my attention in one of three ways.  First, Email me. The second way to get my attention is through Twitter.  Drop me a message @redrickstar.  If neither of those two ways are good for you, just leave me a comment.  You can comment here on Sleepless or on the Eve Forums on my Sleepless in Space thread in the My Eve section.  I love hearing from you, the readers, so that I can continue to deliver content you want to read.  I love questions, and even if its more a comment or perhaps some way I can improve my blog, by all means, LET ME KNOW. 

Don't make me beg.  I will if I have to.

So, now that the public service announcement is over, on to the Resolutions!

1.  I will find more time to play Eve (RL sucks!)

2.  I will remember to overheat my weapons at the appropriate times

3.  I will remember to NOT overheat my mids so I don't burn out my prop and point mods (doh't!)

4.  I will continue to keep notes by my computer for fun stories and mistakes to turn them into learning experiences here on Sleepless

5.  I will try to be nicer to CCP.  Perhaps that way I might actually be featured in a Community Corner.  After all, if a guy who posts shit fits got in, why not me???

6.  I will get off my ass and finish planning this "other" special blog project I've been secretly working on.

7.  I will find more time to play Eve.  Damn you Steam sale!  Damn you Borderlands!!!

8.  I will continue to write good posts that either help you, my wonderful readers, or at least make you think.

9.  Pictures.  More pictures.  And as soon as I can figure out a good screenshot/cropping/editing way so I can hide my location, perhaps I will do more.

10.  I will try to be more understanding of people who I think make stupid the norm (none of you, of course!).  I'm fairly certain that this one will be the first one I break too.

11.  I will track down the guy that stole my very expensive ship and punch him in the face (unlikely).


And that's about  it.  Let me know what your resolutions are, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me your questions, comments or requests for topics here on Sleepless!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To: The Directional Scanner

One of the most important tools of survival in a wormhole is the directional scanner or d-scan. For the uninitiated, the d-scan is that tab next to the probe scan that lets you see other ships. In wormhole space where there is no local, the d-scan becomes the main tool pod pilots will use to determine if trouble is on the horizon. Therefore, knowing the strengths and limitations of such a tool is vitally important if one wishes to keep his ship intact.

However, this is not always the case. Most pilots I come across just hit the button every so often, not realizing what they are doing or how to d-scan properly. I will be outlining how to use the d-scan, as well as advanced tips and tricks to become even more proficient.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Spot on Predictions for Next Year!!

This holiday season, instead of getting fat iskies from dumb sleeper ships; or pwning noobs that don't belong in wormholes; or giggling like a child over killing your shiny new Echelon; I've decided on a different approach. I've pulled out my crystal ball I've had in storage (don't ask how long), and although it smells a bit funny, I've used its power to come up with fool-proof stories and predictions from Eve in 2011.

So kick back, grab yourself an egg nog or brew while I pound back a few whiskey shots and lets get to business. And remember, don't take life too seriously, as no one gets out alive anyway.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domi-nating Sites

The best fleet for taking out w-space sites is usually made up of T2 and/or T3 cruisers, and/or any BS with logistic support. Unfortunately, T2, T3 cruisers and logistics takes a long time to train for, so how can someone without those particular ships get in a wormhole and take out sites?

For what its worth, you can't get any more bang for the buck then the Dominix.

Why the Dominix?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Walk Softly, Carry Bombs

When asked what I think the best ship for wormhole defense would be, my first answer would be more ships then the other guy.

Of course, that isn't always the best answer. Or the most helpful.

It is however, the most correct.

But usually if you had the most ships your wormhole space would most likely not be in this predicament right now. So what happens when you are down pilots and are being invaded for sites?

Enter the bomber.

Stealth bombers are ships I recommend that every serious WH pilot should have. Why? I'm glad you asked. Sit back and relax, for I am about to let you know exactly why the bomber is (aside from a fleet of caps in a class 2 wormhole) one of the most feared ships in all of w-space.