Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bookmarks, Bookmarks, Bookmarks

In my corp we've been having a problem with bookmarks. Specifically, the problem is new players we recruit to help in the hole and bookmarks. After asking about, it appears we are not the only one with the problem. So, I've come to help.

Those of you in charge of wormhole corps feel free to distribute this link to all your new players. Vets, read this as well as I've come across some of you who don't know about the 5 bookmark copy limit.

Listen up, Maggot.

Yeah you. I'm talking to you ugly face. You got a face only a Sancha mother would love. And perhaps a butt-ugly Caldari. Today you're going to learn about bookmarks.

What are bookmarks? Bookmarks are how you get around w-space. This ain't namby pamby high sec or toothless low sec. Stuff just isn't on your overview to just warp to as you please. You wanna warp in w-space? Pick a planet, moon and star cause that's all you got. Don't like it? Tough, cause its all you got. That's why you have bookmarks.

Its a jungle out there in w-space, and flying around all willy-nilly in your flowery drake is just going to get you killed. Its my job to teach you about bookmarks, how to use them, and more importantly, how to copy them before you get someone else killed. Did you know every time you warp to an empty spot in space a sick twisted Caldari punches a kitten in the face? You don't want to be the one with that on your conscience so listen up!

On your overview, click on your people and places. I bet it came up on the contact tab didn't it, maggot? No one cares when your Aunt Bussie is on, neither do you! Click on the places tab!

This is where your navigation from now on it W-Space will be. If you have made any bookmarks previously, this is where you would find them. Now, as you can imagine it can get pretty disorganized if you let it. At the bottom of the window you will find two buttons. The first is the most important, the Add Bookmark button. This is how you make the bookmarks. The second button is the Create Folder button. Click on this to create folders to organize your marks. I suggest you organize them by system so they aren't just loose in the window. Just click Create Folder, then name your folder and drag and drop the bookmarks into the folder. Create as many as you need.  Do it now.

Next, I'm going to explain how the Add Bookmarks button works. When you click it, a window appears where you can edit the label. The bookmark is not created yet, so don't think you just bookmarked the space. The bookmark is created as soon as you hit the OK button on the New Bookmark window. This is important to know when creating safe spots, and the spot is not logged when you hit Add Bookmark, but rather when you click OK.

So this is all pretty basic. Now comes the advanced stuff the you maggots seem to get wrong all the time! So pay attention!

Corps in W-Space often use cans floating in the POS to hold the bookmarks, especially for things like sites and exits. Its important to know how to make copies of these bookmarks so you don't take the last set, since you are a lazy maggot and can't be bothered to scan your own exit. Corp veterans get pretty cranked when they are missing a bookmark.

To add bookmarks from a corp can, simply drag them from the can into your cargohold, then into your places tab.

To copy a bookmark, just hold shift, left click and hold, then drag the bookmark from the places window into your cargo hold. This will make a copy of the bookmark. If you don't hold shift and just left click and drag, you'll take the actual bookmark. Since you want a copy, I would suggest holding shift when dragging.

Funny thing about bookmarks. You can take as many bookmarks from the corp can into your cargohold as you want. You can also drag as many bookmarks as you want from your hold into your places window. However, you can only copy 5 bookmarks from your places tab back into your cargohold. Yes, its bold. Its that important. No one really know why there is a 5 bookmark limit but I'm sure CCP is hard at work fixing it, along with the rest *cough*great*cough* UI.

Here is a step by step method for those of you just learning how to do this for the first time.
  1. Open the can that has the bookmarks. Sometimes it takes a second for them to appear, this is normal, because drakes firing missiles cause lag.
  2. The bookmarks look like pushpins. Simply select all the ones you want to have by using shift to select all in a row or ctrl to pick and choose.
  3. Left click and hold on one of the selected bookmarks, doesn't matter which one, and drag them into your cargohold.
  4. Open your People and Places window. Its on places, right Sally?
  5. Select all the bookmarks in your cargohold and drag them into the places window.
  6. Give it a sec, as it puts the marks in the window. Contemplate how cool you could be.
  7. You put all the previous marks in folders right? These marks you just put in should be the only ones that are “loose” in the window. This is so you don't mix them up with other marks.
  8. Now, click on the first bookmark, and hold shift and click on the 5th bookmark. This will select the first 5 marks.
  9. Hold shift, left click one of the marks and drag them into your cargohold.
  10. Repeat step 8 and 9 for each set of 5 marks you want to copy. See why you don't want to mix them up?
  11. Select all the marks in your cargohold and left click and drag them back into the can.
Follow your corps rules and regulations about bookmarks. Each corp I find does things differently in relation to what bookmarks are to be copied and distributed. Most corps frown on “dead” bookmarks that take you to empty space. This could be a wormhole that collapsed or a site that was already run. Don't be the turd that keeps these bookmarks around. If you find one, be sure to delete it from the can so that sick Caldari doesn't punch another kitten in the face. Simply remove the mark from the can and put it into your places tab, then right click on it and select delete bookmark.

So what bookmarks in a hole are necessary? Well, first are WH bookmarks. You need to bookmark BOTH sides of the hole. Don't be the nub that doesn't, then has to call out for help cause he lost his way home. Most people approach the hole and BM at 0, so when you warp you are pretty much guaranteed to be within the 5km needed to jump through. And you will need a BM to your POS, some guys like to have BM to specific places in the POS, like hangar arrays or guns. Whatever helps you get around faster.

Next bookmarks I would suggest are safe spots. Safe spots are created by warping someplace, then in the middle of the warp simply making a bookmark. You will then have a spot in space that no one else can warp to unless they are in your fleet or they scan you down. I like making safe bookmarks within D scan range of my POS, so I can tell if there is trouble before warping in.

I also suggest grid loading points. A grid loading point is any point 250 km away from your POS. This is helpful so you can warp in and load the grid if for example your POS is under attack, then quickly warp into the POS. This also protects you from any bubbles that might be up around the POS. This is important when my 50 man fleet invades your space and decides to blow up your POS for fun. I'd feel bad if you died cause you lagged out while I bagged your frozen corpse. Well, only slightly bad.

Now, get out there and start flying like a man, Sally!


  1. I think back before Warp-To-Zero was around, there was a huge amount of bookmark copying for spots which would land you 0km from a gate or station and this caused a huge strain on the server. I'm guessing the 5-copy-limit is also to do with server strain?

  2. No offence, but if you need to know this, you're a liability in a wormhole, not an asset.