Friday, February 25, 2011

CSM 6: Burning Balance

With the elections looming and candidates jockeying for position and rank to be heard, I have some thoughts and questions of my own before I decide on who to vote for. 

Now is (without being too dramatic) the most important time for the CSM.  While previous CSM's have done good work or got great achievements to add to their gamer score, the game is far from over.  And although the Pickled Fish! achievement is pretty awesome and all, its one of the gimmie ones anyone can get with a trip to the Land of Ice.

So without further delay, here is what I'm burning on....

Why exactly is this election so important? 

A brief overview.  CSM 4 did a great benefit for capsoleer-kind by forcing open the door.  They established legitimacy to the CSM as a force for good within the game.  CSM 5 went one further by physically sticking their foot into the door and refusing to take it out.  So to build on what has come before you, I expect that CSM 6 needs to have the balls to kick the bloody door off the hinges screaming "BOOM!  WTF!!" and walk in like they own the place.

Okay, well, maybe walking in like they own the place is a bit much.  I guess we need to leave stuff for CSM 7 to do after all.

CCP has relented more and more to CSM and giving it further legitimacy for the rest of its term and for future council members.  You can see things that CSM has been harking on to CCP about finally getting done in game.  Rocket fix anyone?

This is no time for CSM to take their preverbal foots off the preverbal accelerators.  Willful and wanton disregard for the speed limits is exactly what I want to see.  The CSM continues to bring up ideas and demand for fixes that CCP doesn't care about or can't be bothered to do.  The tide is slowly turning, and we need CSM 6 to keep up the ball pressure.

This goes back to what I was saying before.  It is imperative that we as players in this great game take a few moments to get the right people in the job.

Right, I know it’s easy to vote for the guy who's bribing you.  I won't mention any names but you all know who I'm talking about.  Kudos to him for gaming the system, however.  I see what you did there.  How very EVE like.

The CSM is going to miss Mynxee.  She brought organization and direction to a class of folks that was sharper then a katana.  We need to get a leader in who is not only good but passionate about the game.

Furthermore, I feel the CSM needs some varying backgrounds.  It’s easy for Null Sec alliances to push their respective candidates through.  They are large organizations wielding stupid amounts of votes.  What we need is some balance.

We need people who have experienced all walks of life in Eve.  Not everyone needs to have an extensive background, but we do need some diversity on the crew.  I would like to see people who have experience in all realms of the game.  And by experience, I mean they have spent at least a year in/on/playing/doing such content. 

Here is the short list:
  • Experience in and passion about High Sec
  • Experience in and passion about Low Sec
  • Experience in and passion about Null Sec
  • Someone with an Industrial Background
  • Someone with a Mission running background
  • Someone with a PVP background
  • Someone with Wormhole Space experience
  • Someone with Market and Market PVP experience
  • A person who can fly caps and larger
  • A new player
Some of these things can be combined, obviously.  But as a voter, people who fit these roles are people I will vote for.  Everyone should be heard; because the election isn't broken down into districts or anything.  This means it is up to us as players to try and institute some sort of balance into this most important time for the CSM.

A new player is something a bit difficult.  I call this the wild card.  Clearly, the new person cannot fill any of the above roles.  But I think the new player perspective is something that would benefit the CSM in the long run.  Trying to find one would be difficult.  Perhaps voting for someone who can clearly see from the new person perspective would be the answer here. 

I also want a person who is going to be there.  I don't want to vote for someone who can't make it to the meetings so the alternates are always filling in.  I get sometimes life happens, and I'm okay with that.  What I'm not okay with is someone who can't be there at all, ever.  I voted for you to represent me, I expect you to be there.  People who have full time jobs are usually automatically disqualified in my book unless they do something that gives them lots of free time and flexibility.

I also want to know a bit about them personally.  I don't need to know their favorite color or the fact their dog's name is Capt. Spot.  I want to know how their life experiences will help them in this job.  Are they organized?  Driven?  Or are they lazy and carefree?

Regardless, I will be keeping an eye on the upcoming debates and threads of questions.  I want to know who is serious about this job.  Because that is who I want in the CSM during this very important transition time.  Not the guy that just wants to unlock his "Pickled Fish!" achievement.

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  1. I think, considering that EVE has a large player base of gainfully employed people - that a CSM member with a full time job who understands the time constraints that come with that would be a good thing.

    Plus - what exactly do you expect the people who aren't in a full time job to be?
    Students, School-kids, the permenantly unemployed - which "not in full time employment" group do you think has more time, and also likely to have the right attitude for the job?