Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CCP Pot, Meet CCP Kettle

And now, your CSM Minutes Moment of Zen:

"The CSM then moved the conversation to CCP's inability to properly communicate with the player-base.  The example used was the infamous "Anomaly Nerf" Devblog which made an acceptable change but used the wrong arguments for it.  The CSM explained that the perception that CCP doesn't play the game added unnecessary fuel to the fire.  Arnar was acutely aware of this and was vehement in CCP's commitment to bettering communications to the players."

Wait a minute.... wasn't he the guy...

You all know Arnar.  AKA CCP Zulu.  AKA Author of the worst communique to the players of any game, EVER.

Remember, those minutes were from the summit back before that dev blog was even penned.  Looks like CCP got right on inserting that "Bettering Communications" Skill into the skill q.

I suppose we should give them a break.  Micro-transaction 5 and Space Barbie Art 5 do take 45 days each to learn.

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