Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good Side of the CSM Minutes

Wait... isn't that... Nah, couldn't be

Really the only thing most wormholers took out of that CSM minutes document was how ignorant the current CSM leaders are, with the exception of a few intelligent people. For most of us, we can stop right there. For the most part it seems we aren't going to get any help, and the best content CCP has created to date is going to get nerfed at the hands of our Null-sec friendly CSM. Sad really. So despite the terrible news on the CSM minutes, is there anything good in that document? As a matter of fact, there is. And a few good hearty chuckles to go along.

Join me, won't you?

POS Management

During the minutes they talked a lot about POS changes. This is of importance to us wormholers as POS management is truly the only terrible aspect of wormhole space. If CCP were to somehow... I dunno... fix it... we would all be happier in our respective space. However, CCP repeated stated that there was a “logjam in implementation - the fact remains that changing things related POSes is a technically difficult and resource intensive task, no matter the size of the task.”

Here, allow me to translate CCP Soundwave's double talk:

“We can't just fix POS mechanics because it requires new art and stuff. And since all our artists are off designing $70 monocles and designer jeans no sane person on earth would ever buy, we just don't have the resources. After all, monocles and designer jeans are serious business and very intensive tasks. Plus, we don't make any money from 'flying in space' changes, designer space barbie is where the money is!”

This topic came up several times where CSM tried to beat the dead horse of terrible POS mechanics and what CCP was doing to fix it. CCP consistently stated that the art team was “busy” and could you please call back later? Eventually, CCP assured the CSM, it will get better when they “fix” the UI with what amounts to a UI undercoat that will make it easy for them to make changes. But remember this meeting took place way back in May, and CCP has since released this “UI undercoat” in a patch. I still see no changes to POS management. I guess I'm waiting on the art team to pick up. I need a fucking billboard on my POS station or some shit.

Of particular good news, the CSM did say something intelligent: “CSM asked for personal hangars, especially for wormhole residents, CSM asked CCP to allow passwording of individual POS modules.”

That would be wonderful. I guess you CSM people aren't all brain dead.

Removal of Local from K-space?

I found this particularly amusing:

"Conversation then took a bit of a tangent, and Arnar mentioned that local as we know it is going to change in a Winter expansion. The CSM was taken aback by this and let fly a torrent of questions about this new "no local". Local, as it was explained had to change because of the changes to EVE's infrastructure needed for future Incarna development. However, it would be replaced by a new, yet-to-be-designed intelligence gathering tool. Local would not simply just "turn off" and turn into delayed mode, such as in wormhole space. It is worth a repeat - local will NOT be simply turned off and/or turned into delayed mode. Arnar and Torfi both emphasized the importance of not feeling alone in space; they reasoned that the game has fifty thousand players and that it shouldn't feel as though you're alone. The CSM will be kept in the loop regarding this design when more is known."

I can sum this entire paragraph up in one internet acronym: LOL

I could just see Null Sec CSM guy's face as his asshole puckered up to the size of a pinhole when they first said local was changing. “WHAT???? YOU CAN'T JUST TURN OFF LOCAL IT'S TOO SCARY!!!! For me... I... I... I... mean the players. Yeah. The players. Is what I meant. Anyway you can't do it.”

Apparently after they were all reassured that nothing was going to happen the Null-friendly CSM's needed to bold and underline it and mention it twice so the rest of New Eden didn't freak out. Fucking hilarious. If you don't understand why that is funny, you clearly don't live in a wormhole.

I did love the mention of an “intelligence gathering tool”. I wonder what that is, and would it work in WH space? Something other then the already on-board d-scan? Cause we wormholers are already pro at the d-scan game. I'm assuming its some other type of scanner, perhaps a module that would fit into the mid-slots. I actually think it's a good change. Force people to fucking do something rather then let local do the scouting for them. Further, think of how many AFK cloakers lives would be ruined by not being able to make people feel unsafe anymore? I'm sure they will cry as they are doing whatever it is they are doing not playing the game.

Seriously, the game would be better for it. Maybe not initially as there would be an “adjustment period” but eventually. That and I would love to see K-space freak out. Well worth the price of admission.

T3 and Ship Balancing

“The subject of T3 ships and the lack of iteration/balancing on them was raised. Currently there are basically 2 common fits for each T3. This evolved into a discussion of ship balancing, and CCP Zulu agreed that dedicating a game-designer to ship-tweaking was a good idea. The CSM wholeheartedly approved of this, and urged that ship-balancing be regular, public, and incremental - every patch should have some balance tweaks in it.”


But uh, if it's not too much to ask... um... could we have the T3 swapping subs and building of T3's in our POS so we don't have to go out to K-space stations to assemble/swap subs? Pretty please? You've been promising this for like a year now. Don't you think it's time?

If you need ideas on how to balance T3 so that more fits are viable, CCP you can come talk to me anytime you want. I have all kinds of ideas. Stuff that would blow your designer jean wearin', monocle sportin' minds. Seriously. Email me. We'll do lunch.

Apparently CCP has gotten data on what the rest of us have known for some time now. Electronic Attack Ships and Black Ops ships are the bottom two of ship hulls used in this game.


I guess CCP is going to do something to try and make those more viable. Hey maybe warping while cloaked might help Black Ops a little. That and a giant dose of less suck. And Electronic Attack Frigates would be more useful if a stiff wind wouldn't blow them away. There is a reason people use cruiser hulls and Scorps for ECM. They get primaried. Often.

And how about the other ships? Isn't it time we actually look ourselves in the mirror and admit that the Gallente need help? It could be their reliance on the two worst weapon systems in the game, blasters and drones. Blasters are terrible, and drone are like children – terribly destructive and never listen to what you say.

I think it's long overdue for CCP to balance ships. Maybe now I'll actually see something other then a Drake. That would be nice. Here's hoping CCP comes through on this one, but somehow I think $70 monocles to fund-a-vampire are taking precedent over what this game is actually about. Flying in space. In spaceships.


  1. Personally, I think the whole ABC thing is ridiculous! Essentially nerfing "lower end" wormholes of ABCs to a) balance the market and b) allow null sec to be a better, more viable place to be for the industrialist.

    I think this move hurts the small corps, who have a right to play in the wormholes too, but can't possibly defend themselves against a capital attacking fleet, just so they can have access to ABCs. So how I look at it, this is benefiting the already rich and established corps and making it yet more difficult for 'the little guy' which is really disheartening.

    I think anyone with a brain will agree Null Sec needs some love....a lot for that matter BUT not at the expense of an area of the game that WORKS just based on some opinions of people that clearly have no REAL idea of wormhole life...that includes CCP. I'm concerned that so much is being discussed from the point of view of a large corp/alliance in terms of making changes that we forget the large number of small corps that are trying to make it big in game too.

    Listening to Whitetree in Voices from the void yesterday, I again hear that they (CSM) were presented with 'enough' statistical data to cause them to be "concerned" about the effect the ABCs from wormholes are having on the market and to null sec, stating that it's too easy.

    First, that data should be made public BEFORE any null-sec loving CSMs 'decide' together with CCP that something should be done. This currently is a case of "trust me, I saw the data and it's concerning" rather than "here, see what we've found, this is why we are concerned and here's our plan for going forward"

    Second, The CSM as a whole are BADLY educated on the mechanics and REAL LIFE of wormholers. While I like Two Step a lot, he's talking from a PvP standpoint and his corp/alliance are in a C6 wanting to bash anything and everything they want. Now they can't because the 'mechanics' don't allow them to. Meissa doesn't help matters I'm afraid as he SAYS he's an industrialist but his comments about this situation doesn't make sense. Again, someone coming from a larger organization.

    There's a ton more danger in wormholes than null sec. Whitetree 'tried' to debate that but to no avail. Fact remains, no local, random time-sensitive sigs, null sec rules of PvP, no permanent intelligence chains due to wormhole timers, etc.

    How much REALLY is the little guy affecting the Null Sec boys' profits...really?? Show me the statistics BEFORE nerfing EVE's BEST part of the game to help Eve's near worst part of the game.

    Woot! Well done!

  2. Amen to Jade's comment. I lived in a C1 for a while and visit WHs a lot, and I've never seen any of the 'tourist' Retrievers Whitetree mentioned. If only there were some, to shoot at...

  3. Gawd I'd LOVE it if retrievers came into our C1.

    With NO BELTS (I'm sorry, if the CSM didn't know that ABC sometimes show up in WH, did anyone ANYONE explain that there are NO BELTS at all in WH space) depending on random, small deposits of ore sucks bigtime for production. Add a mammoth ship limit for hauling, 75% max wh refining, no ship or module repackaging or reprocessing, and all the logistical, informational, and PVP prospects, its obvious that C1 mining is probably the most dangerous activity in the game.


    So I hope the CSM takes their collective heads out of their arses and realizes that the highest risk activities should have access to the highest rewards.

    Low level wh space is the most dangerous space to mine in, flying in the weakest mining ships (don't forget hulks can't fly in and can never fly out if they are assembled inside) with no local, bubbles galore, bombs, interdictors, and 0.0 rules. Scratch that. Not 0.0 rules. 0.0 rules modified to make it riskier !

    Nullsec is where pilots get hardened up to play in the real EVE sandbox - Wspace -

  4. (Crap, wanted to edit (change podcaster to blogger/podcaster) my last post and thought deleting it and reposting it would be easier. Anyhoo.)

    Nice to see one blogger/podcaster who hasn't drunk CCP's Koolaid. V&V's latest ejaculation started well but quickly degenerated into a circle-jerk/giggle-fest. Dani has come a long way, but she's still way too much of a suck-up. Hallan is a moderately intelligent, moderately knowledgeable player who has apparently been hanging out with morons for so long (he lives in Alabama IIRC, nuff said) that he's convinced himself that he's a genius.