Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Death of a Legend

After five seasons, Jade and Jayne are calling it quits.


To be fair, I think this one is for keeps.  Last time they "quit" the community rallied around them and they decided to give it one more go.  This time I feel its a bit more permanent.  Jade left a post on the Lost In Eve website explaining his decision.  In it, he explained that he had come down with a nasty fever that just wouldn't let go.

I'm certain juggling a full time job, kids, wife, Eve, and oh yeah the podcast where him and Jayne were for all intents and purposes on opposite sides of the world didn't help.  But now he's looking at surgery, and he just doesn't have time anymore.  For not just Lost in Eve but Eve Online as well.  He's unsubbed his accounts.

Jade I salute you sir.  o7

The Lost in Eve podcast was a staple for many of us, especially those of us in wormholes.  While we chuckled at Jade's buzzard story, we cheered as he got his revenge.  We rolled our eyes at Jayne, who sounded every bit like a typical American on every show.  But for the most part we listened.  And sometimes we learned something.  And sometimes we shouted at the radio when they were getting something wrong.  And sometimes we just enjoyed the banter.

Thank you Jade, Jayne for 5 seasons of content.  Thank you Jade, for allow this humble blogger when he was virtually unknown to appear on your podcast.  I was and still am honored for the privilege.  I apologize for not being more available so we could have worked on the future segment.

There are things more important then Eve and a podcast.  If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.  Get well soon Jade, and good luck on your surgery.  You will be missed.

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